Video Marketing

Video is a storytelling medium which allows you to connect to your customers on an emotional level. Video can also help consumers understand your product or service easily, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

We’ve worked with dozens of local Milwaukee businesses to help them promote their unique brands and initiatives. 

Whether you need a brand video, promotional ad, or show off a new product or property, video is a powerful way to market and grow your business.

Video is a Powerful
Marketing Tool

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Our Video
Marketing Portfolio

Milwaukee Bucks

the client

Bucks Highlight Reel 


the client

SC Johnson Partnership Promo 
- New edit of their partnership video

Deer Camp

the client

Deer Camp Grand Opening Featuring Peabody's Interiors

Roast Coffee

the client

Coffee Catering Promotional Video

Hackbarth Hospitality

the client

Vista Event Venue Virtual Tour

Third Space

the client

Star Camp Lane - New Product Teaser Video

Has COVID affected your live event plans? We can live stream your event to all attendees so they can enjoy from the safety of their home. 

Event Live

Brands are about building relationships, and social media is an impactful way to do so. Introduce your audience to the friendly faces of your company and you will turn followers into customers.

Media Videos

Video is a powerful marketing tool. A well-produced video can quickly tell the viewer what your product or service is and why they should buy it. You will certainly see a return on this investment.

& Ad Videos

Document your company's significant events with a video recap montage. Share these videos on social media, your website, or with future event contributors 

Event Recap Montage

Having professional imagery on your website is an instant credibility builder. A slick B-roll video on your website will ensure your product or service looks high-end and professional. 

Banner Videos

People buy from businesses with heart and purpose - brands that share their beliefs and values. Share your brand values with your audience so they can become loyal followers of your mission. 

Brand & Mission
Statement Videos

Video Marketing Services

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